RPI Pep Band Alumni (and Friends) Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 4

In This Issue:


It's that time again! Yup, you guessed it, HOCKEY SEASON IS HERE! That means it's also time for another installment of the RPI Pep Band Alumni (and Friends) newsletter. We've got a lot to talk about, including the football season, changes in NCAA hockey, more weddings, and TWO upcoming alumni events. With all this info, we better get started!


This year looks to be another incredible run on the grid iron. With half the season under their belts the Engineers are 4-0. The team is currently ranked 15th in the nation, and if they keep up at this pace should be looking at a third NCAA tournament bid. Next week looks to be the biggest game of the year, as the team hosts arch-rival Union (just without the oranges).


There's been a lot going on this off season, but now the time is finally upon us. The ice is cold, the leaves are changing, and there's snow behind the Fieldhouse. Yes folks, hockey season has started, and some of our rivals have already played their first games. This Saturday at Boston University the Engineers on ice will look to regain their respectability and move back up the rankings. Then on Sunday the team travels to face yet another Hockey East school - Providence. We'll be providing updates every weekend to keep you up to date with the team's progress.

The RPI women are also gearing up for the new season. After coming in second in last year's conference playoffs, the lady engineers are looking to follow up that success with a place of their own in the NCAA tourney. The women will open up their season on October 25th at Union. The home opener will be on Nov 1st vs Sacred Heart.

Unfortunately there's a dark cloud hanging over this season, as we await the decision of the Division 3 council regarding their reform package and the role of scholarships. The next vote on the matter will be held on October 30th. For those interested in signing the petition, it can be found at http://www.petitiononline.com/NCAAD3/petition.html.

Also in the background are the losses of two members of the RPI hockey community. The first is Tom Cavosie, father of former players Marc and Eric. Tom helped out with team equipment for years and was always there to support the team. More recently, current women's head coach (and former assistant men's coach) Bill Cahill.

The men's schedule for the year can be found on the group's calendar. PDF, PDA and importable text versions can be found in the files section of the group site. Be sure to watch for our weekend updates on both teams as the season unfolds.

Alumni Night - We're putting the band back together!

Ok, so maybe we're not putting the band back together, but the alumni are coming out to play!

Alumni night, to be held on November 15th vs Dartmouth, will be our first event of the hockey season. We're working out the details right now, and will have them out to you as soon as things are settled. Unfortunately, Chris and Terry have a prior family commitment that they can't get out of, but Jim Cronen has been gracious enough to stand in for the night and run things on the alumni end.

This event promises to be a lot of fun, and a great chance for our alumni to bring current band members "into the fold" as it were. The game will be followed by a student-alumni mixer at 10:00pm. It will be important to have a strong showing of alumni for this event, so if you are anywhere near the Albany area and can possibly make it to this event please do so.If you need an instrument be sure to let us know ASAP. Current students will get first dibs on any school instruments, and after that they will be available to alumni on a first-come first-serve basis. To RSVP, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RPI_Pep_Band_Alumni/surveys?id=1109606.

Freakout Planning

With the season starting, so does the planning for Freakout. Yes we know, it's a little early, but if the stores can put out christmas stuff in July then why shouldn't we get ready for Freakout? This year's Freakout will be held on February 7th vs Clarkson (SUCKS).

Due to the popularity of the breakfast, we will once again be starting our day off at Latham 76, followed by Pep Band rehearsal for those who wish to attend. We're still looking for ideas for between rehearsal and the pre-game lasagna dinner and face painting. Several ideas have been floated so far, including a campus tour and some alumni athletic event. Please e-mail suggestions to farrar@azhrei.net or terry@azhrei.net. More details to follow as we get closer to January, so keep an eye out for those e-mails.

Life Updates

It seemed like every other week this summer we were sending out wedding announcements. The latest batch included two ex-managers, and a couple of our favorite reeds. Congratulations again to Joan and Jon Allison, Karen and Jay Griffen, and Bill Ruhsam and Jenn Bowie.

Coming up this weekend is the wedding of another ex-manager: Jenn Bernfeld '01.Congratulations in advance. On a similar topic, former percussionist Mike Ben (a.k.a. Freakboy) is engaged to be married in Oct '04.

We're always looking for information about pep band alums who are celebrating weddings or other important events. Life Updates is the new official section of our newsletter to congratulate and spread the word about weddings, engagements, births, etc... If you know of any, or have a special announcement of your own, please let us know so we can include them in future newsletters.

RPI Updates

Though we tend not to focus on it too much, there is a lot more going on at RPI than just athletics. 'Course it's hard to see anything other than the construction these days. Rather than repeat a lot of the things you can find out in the Alumni House newsletters, we wanted to show people a little bit of what's going on, along with a couple of highlights.

Biggest highlight is that RPI has FINALLY broken ground on EMPAC! Now for those who don't know, EMPAC (or is it eMPAC now) is the Electronic Media and Performing Arts Center. The plans for this building have changed a number of times over the last couple of years. What we do know is that this space will be used for performances and lectures. One of our very own pep band alums, was involved in the planning and even got to hold a golden shovel for the groundbreaking!

Another big project on campus is the bio-tech center. Crammed onto campus between the CII and OS14, the building is freaking huge. Believe it or not, it's been mostly on time throughout the project.

Then of course there's this lovely addition to all the parking lots and access roads on campus:


I guess this is supposed to be their idea of tight security on campus. Or maybe it's a way to hand out fewer tickets. I'm sure they're going to put the arm in for the gate eventually, though it's been like this for at least three months. The new gates will use a transponder, similar to EZ-Pass, and are supposed to open automatically at the end of the day and over the weekend.

Help Us Find These People

Each newsletter we try to highlight some of our missing alumni, in an effort to reconnect with them and let them know about the list. While we're still on the lookout for all pep band alums, this issue we're going to focus on some of our more loud and rambunctious members.

Let's start off with Martin Kosto '99. Martin was first trumpet for a number of years, and was heavily involved in bringing a music minor back to campus.

Chuck Parker '00 played low brass and was a big Georgetown fan.This of course led to some interesting discussions with now-ex conductor and Syracuse alum Ray Kim.

Tanya Moy '94(?) was active in the band in the early 90s. Ta was also a Psi U brother and a Student Orientation Advisor (back when a large number of Pep Band folks were SO Advisors).

Thanks go out to all who have helped us find other alums. If any of you know how to reach these or any other pep band alums, please let us know and be sure to tell them about the list. If there is anyone else you would like us to look for, e-mail us or add them to the database section of the Yahoo Group.

From The Managers

Welcome to this edition of From the Managers. The band has been up to a lot since classes started just six weeks ago. The first event of the school year was the Activity Fair, where we played for a little bit and were able to get 60+ freshmen and others interested in the band. As of today at least 35 of those people have remained an active part of
the band.

So far this semester we have played at two community events, the American Heart Walk and the Walk to Remember as well as two football games against Coast Guard and Rochester. At halftime of the game against Coast Guard, we went down on the field and played to the crowd and acted as a backdrop for Dr. Jackson and Dr. Brand.

On September 25 after a three year absence we finally got shirts again. For those of you that don't know, three years ago, the managers ordered $7000 worth of shirts. To make a long story short, the company they used went bankrupt and after a long legal battle the $7000 was lost. So we finally were able to find another company that could make
our design and get shirts for three classes.

That's all we have for this time. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for us please feel free to drop us an email at pepband@rpi.edu.

America's Pep Band Managers,

Yuri Koester and Ben Strauss

Final Notes

Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Some quick points and a recap:
  • Football Saturday October 11th vs Union
  • Pep Band Alumni Night - November 15th vs Dartmouth. RSVP by 11/6.
  • RPI hockey season starts this saturday October 11th at Boston University!
  • Be sure to vote in the current online polls.
  • If you know how to reach Martin Kosto, Chuck Parker, or Tanya Moy please let us know.
  • The Band has new shirts!
  • Share Your Photos! We're looking for pictures from all of the recent weddings, along with any pictures you may have of your travels with the pep band! If you have a photo of yourself in pep band regalia, post it! All group pictures can be found in the Photos section.
  • The Pep Band LiveJournal Community is growing. To join, e-mail farrar@azhrei.net with your LiveJournal user name, and be sure to add it to your friends list. If you don't have a LiveJournal user name, but would like to read what's on there, go to http://www.livejournal.com/community/rpi_pep_band/. Be sure to look at the friends' page to see what other alums are up to.
  • If you have not already done so, please add your information to the Member Information Database. Let us know who you are!
  • Still looking for website suggestions. Please send any our way.

Next issue: It's Freakout time baby! Gearing up for the playoffs, and Alumni Night recap. Until then, LET'S GO RED!