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The off season has been kind of quiet, so there's not a lot to report on this time around. There's a lot coming up though and today is a day of celebration. After a long summer, hockey sason starts today! And with football season intwo week 6, it's officially fall at RPI! So let's get the party started!


Hockey Starts NOW!

No NHL season huh? That's ok, who needs the NHL when RPI returns to the ice! Yup, that's right, hockey season starts TONIGHT for the Engineers in Ohmaha, NE of all places. RPI is participating in the Maverick Stampede and plays Merrimack at 4:05pm CT (that's 5:05pm ET).

The coaches poll has RPI ranked 6th in the conference, but many think that RPI will do much better. All the pressure is on a recruiting class that's generated the most buzz since Murley was a freshman. RPI will open league play at home against Clarkson on Black Friday - the day before Pep Band Alumni Night! (more on this later).

Her'e looking forward to new goaltenders, new sieves, beating Union and Clarkson, and another year of ECACHL madness! Let's Go Red!


Football Season Is Here!

Football season is well underway, and the Engineers are hoping for a return to the NCAA tournament. That quest got off to a rocky start as they started the season 1-2, including a Liberty League loss to Hobart. However, the team recovered last weekend to beat out Coast Guard and even their record. With an atuomatic bid going to whomever wins the conference, RPI's chances could come right down to the final game against Union. We'll keep you posted on the team's progress throughout the rest of the season.


Pep Band Alumni Night 2 - November 6th

Only another month until our 2nd annual Pep Band Alumni Night. Do you have your tickets yet? And yes, it's coming up that fast! We're gearing up for our next big event, and we need input from you to make it happen. Here's what we know so far. We will be joining the pep band at rehearsal at 10:00am, We'll meet up on stage at 6:30pm that night for the game, and we'll be holding a mixer afterwards. We're also looking to do one alumni only event and we need your input to make it happen. Let us know if you want to do something before rehearsal (like the breakfast we do before Freakout each year), get a game togeather between rehearsal and hockey, or grab some grub before heading down to the rink!

Also, be sure to RSVP and let us know ASAP. We need attendance numbers to help us plan for the mixer. As a reminder, you will need to buy your own tickets for this event


Life Updates

Wow, it's been a pretty busy quarter for pep band alums. Let's start with the brass. Trombone enthusiast Ellery Bloode '99 got married on 9/25/04. Also parading down the aisle were Brian '03 and Mike Sell '03 (though not to each other). Brian married Jodie Miller. "we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon (and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great trip) And we’ve moved into a house in Royersford, PA, about 30 miles north of Philly." Mike got married on 4/24/04 to Amy Hunt, who some may have met at Freakout '04. Both Sell couples hope to be at Freakout '05.

Got some good news from alums Andrea Catenaro '02 (clarinet, ex-manager) and Mark Dougherty '02 (trumpet). The two of them now live in North Carolina and just recently moved into their first house.

And of course there's news from Chris and Terry. It's been pretty hectic for the two of us these last few months. We've moved (twice) and now reside in Rocky Hill, CT (just south of Hartford). We've changed jobs a couple of times (Chris now works as a Product Admin for Tickets.com). And yes, on September 25th, we got married at Jiminy Peak Resort. So the alumni group is now run by the Farrars. And yes Daddy Ray, we know, it's about time.

Here's a picture of the pep band folks in attendance:

Have news you'd like to share with other alumni? Then let us know. To have your important news included in the next newsletter, simply e-mail the Farrars no later than January 3rd..


New Column: Pep Band Stories

Here at RPI Pep Band Alumni and Friends, we're always looking for new and interesting things to share with our membership. And since one of the things Pep Band alums love to do is share stories, we thought we'd share some as well. Thing is we need your help to do it. Over the next several months, we'll be soliciting stories/memories of people's experiences in or with the pep band. The stories can be short, long, or somewhere in between. Have a particularly strong memory from a road trip or game? Did something funny happen at a party with other pep band members? Let us know about it. Want to know how certain cheers started, or what led to a particular conductor's line in the tollbooth song? Tell us, and we'll see if we can find some one who knows. So please, share your stories with all of us. And to those of you who have already sent us your stories, look for those and more in the next few newsletters.


From The Managers

Ah, the wonders of fall in Troy. Classes are well underway, the leaves are beginning to change colors, and not the least of all, the Pep Band is in full swing. We've had a large number of freshman express interest in the band and are looking forward to a great season.

We've got several exciting events coming up in the near future. The band will be making a trip down to West Point on October 23 for the hockey team's game against Army. We've secured 70 free tickets to the game from the Army Athletics Department, so we'd like to invite any of you who'd care to join us to come along (please email Erin ahead of time at me@cat.pdx.edu).

Soon after the trip to Army is the annual pep band alumni night on November 6th. We're looking forwards to seeing many of you there.

Feel free to come visit us at other events and meet our new members!
- --
Andrew Bickford
Erin Chapman


Final Notes

As always, here's our newsletter recap and notices.

  • HOCKEY SEASON IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!! RPI's first game is TONIGHT in Omaha!
  • RPI Football is 2-2 (1-1). They take on SLU(t) today on the road!
  • Pep Band Alumni Night 2 is November 6th. Be sure to RSVP ASAP.
  • The Pep Band has 70 (yes that's 7-0) tickets for the RPI game at west point. E-mail Erin if you are interested in going.
  • If your e-mail address has changed in the last few months, be sure to update it in your Yahoo Groups profile. We have several members who are listed as bouncing and we need to fix this.
  • We're still looking for copies of old pep band letters and photos of our members. If you come across any, be sure to send them our way.
  • Send us your Pep Band stories! What things do you remember about your time in the band? We want to hear about it, so e-mail us with your favorite pep band moments and we'll include them in the Newsletter.
  • As always, if you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions please e-mail Chris or Terry and let us know

Next issue: Freakout! is coming! Hockey season - heading towards the playoffs. Alumni Night Recaps and more hockey madness!